Innovative Regenerative Biology and Medicine

Instant Nano-Optical Detection of SARS-CoV2

We report preliminary success related to the nano-optical detection of SARS-CoV2 employing a nano-pore optics haviNew analysis shows hydroxychloroquine does not lower mortality in COVID-19  patientsng the specific spacing of ACE2 receptor site and a complex, time sensitive illumination sequence.

This discovery follows our decades long research using optical probes to study the dynamics of the micro and nano biological world.

The Neurotubule Project

What causes Alzheimer’s is still a mystery, but the direct physical conditions leading to the dementia associated with the disease are very clear to scientists. Plaque accumulations and tangles in neurons kill brain cells in Alzheimer’s sufferers, leading to the degeneration of cognitive function and the loss of memory associated with the disease.

One of the most important objectives of Alzheimer’s research has been to figure out ways to protect brain cells from these senile plaques and neurofibrillary tangles. -- David Shamah, Times of Israel (2014)

The cause of Autism is also a mystery.  Most researchers believe it is an incorrect wiring of the brain during childhood development: from a environmental or spontaneous genetic mutation with a possible hereditory component.  The ACE (Autism Centers of Excellence) programs at the National Institute of Health present an excellent overview.

Cytoskeletal components composed of the protein Tubulin, including neurotubules and microtubules, are known to contribute to the morphology and migration of neurons and other motile cells.  We postulate that a comprehensive study of the dynamic charateristics may provide an early marker and suggest to a remedial strategy for Autism